Our Strategic Plan & Priorities

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay is committed to improving the quality of life for children, youth, and families by providing a wide range of services that reflect the overarching strategic goals of our organization: innovation, equity, and quality.

We are fully focused on reaching these goals by following four strategic objectives:

1. Holistic Family-Centred Framework

Contributing to the growth and well-being of people and communities is a key priority of Children’s Centre Thunder Bay, and we accomplish this through our ongoing efforts to reduce economic, geographic, and social barriers to service, as well as developing a clinical culture that supports families. Additionally, we support coordinated service planning, and strengthen ties with the adult system, which help to streamline and improve the experience for families accessing services.

2. Inclusive and Meaningful Engagement

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay is an inclusive organization that embraces diverse experiences and perspectives. A core focus of our organization is on establishing meaningful engagement with youth, parents, staff, and the community. This is achieved through the inclusion of parents and youth in the development, delivery, and evaluation of services. Again, we reduce barriers wherever possible in order to support this valuable participation and community involvement.

3. Strong, Healthy, Sustainable Organization

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay strives to balance growth and stability through efficient management of resources, and effective use of technology, data, and information. We work to improve communication and decision making systems, thereby improving and strengthening the quality of the services we offer. Additionally, we are invested in training, leader development, succession planning, and investment in our board’s governance role.

4. Shared Accountability

Through a “servant leadership lens,” Children’s Centre Thunder Bay focuses on the growth and well-being of people and the communities they belong to. We embrace a “systems approach” to service delivery, and understand the value in sharing resources, knowledge, and decision making power.

We welcome your feedback about how we are meeting our priorities.

For more information, please see our 2019-21 Strategic Plan.

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