Quality Assurance

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality improvement has been a part of our culture since 1993. As an organization, we
have always believed that monitoring, evaluating, maintaining and improving the quality
of our services is integral to our pursuit of excellence.

Our Board of Directors defines Quality as the result of many people’s efforts, activities
and processes all aimed at providing excellence in services. Therefore we strive to
ensure that they are:

1. Safe - The service our clients receive does not cause harm

2. Client-Centred - Decisions about the care a client receives reflects their goals and preferences

3. Effective - The service provided is based upon the best evidence and produces desired outcomes

4. Efficient - The services are delivered using our human, financial and
physical resources wisely such that there is no waste in the

5. Timely - Clients receive services in an acceptable time after the need is identified

6. Equitable - Clients receive quality treatment that is fair and appropriate
regardless of who they are, where they live or what they have

Quality Assurance

CCTB has a Quality Assurance Committee which is one component of the overall
Quality Management System. Quality Assurance refers to all of the planned and
systematic activities implemented within the organization to ensure that quality
requirements are fulfilled. The QA Committee consists of CCTB Managers, Clinical Staff
and members of the Parent Council. The QA Committee has oversight of three major
areas which include the following functions:

1. To ensure that programs and services meet compliance to specific requirements
through an internal audit process.

2. To assess the level of satisfaction of external and internal stakeholders through a
variety of mechanisms and engagement opportunities to provide meaningful
input and feedback.

3. To enhance efficiency through a focus on the organization’s key processes that
have a major impact on clients.

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