Infant & Child Development Program

Infant and child development programs are designed to support children who are experiencing or are at risk for developmental delays. Children’s Centre Thunder Bay offers developmental screening to identify developmental delays and to target early intervention. These services also provide direct support to families to assist parents in promoting healthy child development.

Developmental screening are conducted by qualified professionals for children from birth to 6 years of age. A delay in meeting milestones such as walking, talking, and self-help may indicate the need for a developmental screening to better understand the child’s needs. Screenings may also indicate the need for a formal assessment of children suspected of demonstrating cognitive delays. Screenings  provide useful information regarding a child’s particular strengths and needs to ensure effective early intervention and treatment. 

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay recognizes the importance of family and community in a child’s development. As such, developmental screenings and intervention services are intended to support infant and child development both at home as well as in diverse community environments. Parents and families are active participants in these services, which include establishing treatment goals to ensure the most meaningful results for the child. 


For more information, or to make a referral for services, please call the Access Network at 1-855-486-5037, or Children's Centre Thunder Bay at 807-343-5000.