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Child & Youth Services


Counselling & Therapy

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay offers counselling services to children between the ages of 0 and 17, which may include case management and advocacy ...

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Substance Use Services

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay is part of the UTURN collaborative along with Sister Margaret Smith Centre and Thunder Bay Counselling. UTURN provides ...

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Live-In Treatment Program (LIT)

The Live-In-Treatment Program is a voluntary service offered through Children’s Centre Thunder Bay for youth between the ages of 11 through 16 ...

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Walk-In / Talk-in

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay, in partnership with Thunder Bay Counselling, offers single-session counselling services. This service is available ...

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Preschool Speech & Language Program

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay is the lead agency in the District of Thunder Bay for the Preschool Speech and Language Program. This program provides ...

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Blind-Low Vision Early Intervention Program

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay is the lead agency in the District of Thunder Bay for the Ontario Blind-Low Vision Early Intervention Program. ...

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Childcare Support Services

Child Care Support Services (CCSS) is offered through a partnership between Children’s Centre Thunder Bay and licensed childcare programs within ...

Childcare Support Services

Infant & Child Development Program

Infant and child development programs are designed to support children who are experiencing or are at risk for developmental delays. Children’s ...

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Infant Hearing Program

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay is the lead agency and coordinator of the Infant Hearing Program in the city and district of Thunder Bay. The Infant ...

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Autism Youth Transition Program

This program helps youth already diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder to transition into their teenage years and/or a secondary school setting. ...

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Program

The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Program provides services to children/youth and families in the City and District of Thunder Bay. The goal ...

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Parenting Services


Parenting Programs

Sometimes children and youth benefit the most when their parents and/or caregivers enhance their own skills in managing challenging behaviour. For ...

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Supervised Access

The Supervised Access Program is available to facilitate access between children and their parents, caregivers, or other family members through visits ...

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Oshkiniikidjig Miikanens Youth Group

Oshkiniikidjig Miikanens, Youth Path of Life, is a youth-driven group designed to provide youth ages 12 - 18 with traditional Indigenous programming. ...

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The New Mentality

The New Mentality is a program sponsored by Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO), which is a province-wide network of groups developed and ...

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The Other 10%

The Other 10% is a group supported by Children’s Centre Thunder Bay for youth and young adults between the ages of 12 and 25 who are interested ...

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In partnership with Thunder Bay Counselling and Sister Margaret Smith Centre, Children's Centre Thunder Bay offers the CHOICES program, which is designed ...

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