Risks & Benefits

What are the Risks / Benefits of Participating in Service? 

It is important that you understand that there are both risks and benefits of participating in any of the services that the Children's Centre Thunder Bay offers. 

Possible Benefits Are:

  • Improved relationships in your family 
  • Less stress and worry 
  • Improved understanding of yourself and your strengths 
  • Improved understanding of your child(ren) 
  • Development of new skills and better ways to cope 
  • Feeling less alone and isolated 
  • Experiencing more hope, optimism and joy in life 
  • Feeling more effective at home, school, and with friends 
  • Feeling understood, respected and supported  

Possible Risks Are: 

  • Family members not participating in service or supporting changes you make 
  • Feeling uncomfortable when past issues or current problems are discussed 
  • Changing is difficult or things get worse before they improve 
  • Change not occurring even though you are trying hard 
  • Learning things about yourself that are hard to hear or deal with 
  • Needing to involve Child Welfare if child protection concerns are suspected